Fred Recommends…

Fred Recommends…


Are you overwhelmed by conflicting advice? Too much confusing information?  You don’t know who or what to believe?  THIS IS THE BOOK YOU’VE BEEN WAITING FOR!  World renowned Health and Living Foods Experts Fred Bisci, PhD, Brian Clement, PhD, ND, Rabbi Gabriel Cousens, MD and Viktoras Kulvinskas have over 200 years combined clinical experience and personal exploration.  In OUR ELDERS SPEAK they answer over 100 important questions to help you understand what does and doesn’t work.  In this panel discussion Our Elders will help you discove​​r the real keys to vibrant health, longevity and happiness.


food photography of heart made from different fruits and vegetables on wooden table

The “Boku” Superfood is a broad spectrum, comprehensive formula with over 90% of its ingredients being raw plant-based.  “Boku” Superfood contains some of the most remarkable organic whole superfoods that include a wide range of greens, algaes, mushrooms, sprouts, fruits, vegetables, enzymes and probiotics, from Gogi berry’s to broccoli sprouts to cordyceps, this formulation works efficiently as adaptogens and energizers that nourish the body. I highly recommend “Boku” Superfood not only for the everyday person in complementing their nutritional lifestyle but for competitive, elite, extreme and professional athletes for performance, recovery and longevity.  It will serve them well.

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