Spartan Nutrition

Dr. Bisci is proud to be the Head of the Spartan Race Nutritional Product Board.

Dr. Fred Bisci and Joe De Sena

See Fred and Joe talk about cutting out processed foods and how a raw diet took Joe “to Mach 10” during the Iditarod.

Whether you’re seeking improved athletic performance, increased disease prevention, a detox cleanse or reset, or a long-term raw food or plant-based diet, Your Healthy Journey is a guide to a sustainable healthy lifestyle. Fred Bisci, PhD has over 50 years of experience directing people toward their commitment of changing their life and attaining optimal health. Through realistic parameters and SIMPLE guidelines, he has helped over 35,000 people discover their bodies’ full potential.

Dr. Fred Bisci’s highly acclaimed book, Your Healthy Journey, has been updated and expanded and includes new information that everyone must know! This newly revised edition simplifies Dr. Bisci’s lifestyle menus and even includes pages for you to chronicle your very own healthy journey.

We make following Your Healthy Journey even easier – with raw food recipes, smoothies, and preparation suggestions.

Your Healthy Journey was designed to maximize athletic achievement and to provide your body with the fuel for optimal performance and muscle recovery.


Fred is writing a new book entitled “God’s Simple Plan” about how according to Scripture the human body was created in perfection and we were designed to live forever.
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