Facts: Addiction, Philosophy, Politics & Living Longer?

What are the Facts about Addiction, Philosophy, Politics & Living Longer?


We are not consuming enough real, freshly-prepared plant food. The food giants are taking real food and they’re making junk food out of it. When you eat, processed foods, they add salt, fat, sugar, preservatives and coloring’s which have an impact on the hypothalamus gland; you become addicted.  That’s why a lot of people develop and express eating disorders that can lead to being overweight or obese; they cannot control themselves because that drive is powerful. It’s like the sex drive. Most people don’t realize what’s happening, it’s a big business. We need to take responsibility where we can, for what we can do.

I have run into people that don’t want to know the truth, they’re not interested in finding a way to become healthy by changing their nutritional life or the activities of their lifestyle. They don’t have the understanding of what the impact could be down the road. What people say to me sometimes sounds really ridiculous. One person said to me, I’m not afraid to die. They said; I want to live my life, I want to do whatever I want, I want to do things that other people don’t have the courage to do.  I said, well it’s not that simple. Well unfortunately, years later I heard from a relative – that this person became very sick and had developed MS.  It took a sometime before they needed a wheelchair and a long time before they succumbed. This is not really a good way of looking at life. We should be open to the truth/reality and the changes that it brings.

Politics has a lot to do with this.  The food giants and the pharmaceutical companies have a tremendous effect on the lobbyists in Washington.  They’re actually preventing a lot of information that would be conducive to help the average person become healthy, aware and get educated. Lobbyists have tremendous influence on laws that are being passed and the laws that should not. We all should take advantage of educating ourselves.

People are being fed statistics that says we’re living longer, doing better and the quality of life is improving. Well that’s not true either because more and more people are spending a lot of time walking around with walkers, or they’re sick all the time, or on lots of medications; they’re depressed, they have anxiety, or they’re spending the last years of their lives – five, 10 years or even longer in survival mode. This is not what I call the quality life of longevity!




Fred’s Revised Book: Your Healthy Journey

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Fred Bisci, author, “Your Healthy Journey”, Head of the Spartan Race Nutritional/Lifestyle Advisory Board, has successfully worked with amateur, elite, professional and extreme athletes. He has been a tenacious athlete completing eighteen marathons, two ultra-marathons. He also has a history as a Navy boxing champ, has successfully competed in Olympic-style weight lifting, and still leads an athletic life. Fred, born 1929, has lived on 100% raw plant foods for over 50 years and is a lifestyle/longevity coach, food scientist; detox/fasting expert and clinical nutritionist. He offers a natural, simple, common sense approach by showing people a well-grounded experience to the healing power, peak athletic performance and remedial capabilities of the human body.



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