Pineapples: Stable Whole Plant Food Energy Source

“Pineapples are a nutrient-dense tropical fruit that provides a ton of health benefits, yet it’s still low in overall calories!”

Fred Bisci, Your Healthy Journey

Pineapples provide minerals/vitamins, natural plant fiber, and whole sugars and have over 80 nutrients. It is a tropical fruit, naturally loaded with vitamin C, but it also contains a special anti-inflammatory called bromelain.

Pineapples have Bromelain which has long been known to contain powerful proteolytic (protein-digesting) enzymes, which are beneficial in digestive, reducing brain inflammation and many other systemic inflammations from athletic/performance activities.

Pineapples can help manage sports/event injuries and is being used to speed recovery time. Pineapples are a way for athletes to utilize plant based foods as part of their training protocol.

Pineapples are a good supply a stable whole plant food sugar energy utilization.

Pineapple is a source of the trace mineral- manganese and a good source of vitamin B1- thiamin, which are essential cofactors in a number of enzymes important in energy production and antioxidant defenses.

Pineapple contains fiber which can help to prevent constipation and will promote regularity and a healthy digestive tract.

Pineapple is a good source of the amino acid tryptophan, which is used by the body to produce serotonin, one of good mood hormones and helps support the neurological system for healthy brain function and energy.











Fred’s Revised Book: Your Healthy Journey

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Fred Bisci, author, “Your Healthy Journey”, Head of the Spartan Race Nutritional/Lifestyle Advisory Board, has successfully worked with amateur, elite, professional and extreme athletes. He has been a tenacious athlete completing eighteen marathons, two ultra-marathons. He also has a history as a Navy boxing champ, has successfully competed in Olympic-style weight lifting, and still leads an athletic life. Fred, born 1929, has lived on 100% raw plant foods for over 50 years and is a lifestyle/longevity coach, food scientist; detox/fasting expert and clinical nutritionist. He offers a natural, simple, common sense approach by showing people a well-grounded experience to the healing power, peak athletic performance and remedial capabilities of the human body.


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