FACTS: Fred’s Regimen & Nutrients!

What regimen do you follow Fred?   Fred Bisci

I have followed a 100 percent raw living food lifestyle for over 50 years. I don’t have the desire to eat cooked food. It took me a number of years to get where I am now; it did not happen overnight.  I felt good initially, but it took me quite a while to realize what was happening in my body and that I needed less food, not more.  Every time I didn’t feel good and thought I needed more food, it was actually just that I needed to rest more and do more detox.

Detox is what the body does naturally but the way we live our lives we are overwhelming the human body so this process has become inefficient. The best for a person to start is to make a decision to leave out processed foods and stimulating drinks. This can be done on any level or degree or transition just remember whatever you decide to leave out that’s what your leaving out for all time. Once you do that then the body will start to unburden by detoxing and cleansing and this is where getting your rest in important.

How can I tell what nutrients I’m missing?   Fred Bisci

The best way to do that is go for a blood test. I don’t guess about anything, and I don’t base anything on philosophy or hearsay. I’m not a medical doctor so I don’t diagnose or prescribe anything for people.  I want to see their blood test!

Enjoy Your Healthy Journey!

Rory Dean