FACTS: Alkaline Foods & Healthy Oils!

What are alkaline foods and why are they important to eat?  Fred Bisci

The most powerful alkaline foods are the green chlorophyll-rich foods, predominantly green vegetables and sprouts and green juices. Your blood pH is supposed to be about 7.4 and it goes down no matter what you’re eating.

I recommend also blending up some of your vegetables at a slow RPM; this way you’re getting the inulins and the glucosaccharides, which are very powerful prebiotics.

The real problem with some people that are into raw foods is they don’t have enough intestinal flora (Healthy Probiotics). That’s why they have difficulties like bloated bellies. When that happens, you’re loaded with gas and it could destroy your Vitamin B12 or make you more vulnerable to disease. Plus, it will definitely affect your performance and energy levels, increase the aging process and cellular inflammation.

I recommend that you design a lifestyle that you can stay with for the rest of your life. Give it a real chance to work. Exercise, drink clean water, maintain positive thoughts, be spiritually grounded, and get out in the fresh air. All these things increase your alkalinity in addition to the foods you eat.


Do oils constrict the arteries?  Are there any “healthy” oils?  Fred Bisci 


Oils do not constrict your arteries.  Certain oils will clog up your arteries and contribute to hardening of the arteries. All oils in processed foods are unhealthy but there are healthy oils.  In fact, I think the right combination of plant-based, cold pressed, good source oils like flax seed oil, hemp seed oil, olive oil and coconut oil are very, very important and it will take the place of what a lot of people are doing out there by using fish oils.  Fish oils, in my opinion, are not everything they’re cracked up to be. I think that they’re causing problems in some people and I don’t encourage them.

Enjoy Your Healthy Journey!

Rory Dean