FACTS: Whole Foods & Increased Energy!

What are the best whole foods for efficiency and increase energy? Fred Bisci

Here we’re going back to the same issue, should you eat a lot of fruit or should you not?  Remember, the foods that create energy are the carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. The biochemical endpoint of these macronutrients is glucose but which is most to least efficient based on performance and longevity?

Carbohydrates are the most direct source of energy.

It’s important that when you consume the most direct source of energy that you’re not eating too much because your body has to compensate. Your body compensates by secreting insulin and if you’re not exercising, that might not be the best thing.

During and after exercise, your body does not secrete insulin for half an hour to 45 minutes, so you can eat whole fruits. This is where you’re getting energy from whole plant-based sugars which can replace your glycogen reserves that you have used up during exercise. This is why it’s not a good idea to overeat whole fruits if you’re not burning it up by exercising because you will be overproducing insulin. This is not good in the long run. The key is to get enough nourishment and calories based on your physical, mental and emotional activities.

Now, animal proteins are not a good source of fuel and have a high nitrogenous waste factor which is toxic to the body. Meat, fish, poultry, and eggs have a 68% nitrogen waste, amino acids formulas have an 82% nitrogen waste and whey, casein, soy and egg whites have an 83% nitrogen waste.

There is no doubt that you will gain muscle growth and strength from consuming animal proteins through stimulation if you are exercising but at what cost. If you are not exercising, degeneration occurs over time. At the most basic level, you will affect your heart and circulatory system and have a slower recovery time.

I always say, be informed and make your best choice based on longevity. Of course, you could be going for the instant result. This is where you have to understand the risk of the instant reward and the long-term detriment to the body. Obviously, this is your decision but consider, if you do decide to eat animal protein in moderation make sure it’s clean and within the dominant base of whole plant foods. Remember leaving out the processed foods is the main foundational starting point of Your Healthy Journey but factor in the overall effect nitrogen toxicity places on your body because it will cause degeneration.

That is why I always recommend the plant-based lifestyle, preferably vegan. Eat a variety of different whole plant foods. You have unlimited choices within the whole food plant-based kingdom. Remember the body is always changing for the better if you let it, so experiment with different fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, grains, sprouts, juices, smoothies combinations and essential plant-based oils.

Change it up. Life is not a cookbook, it’s a journey of different experiences. Live it with the best health possibilities in mind!

At 88, I’m still exercising and have plenty of energy on a simple raw foods lifestyle. I exercise at least an hour and a half to two hours a day. I do a half hour of Qigong martial arts exercises in the morning, run through the hills or on the beach, use barbells, do calisthenics and endurance training.

Once you get along far enough into the living, correctly the whole plant foods lifestyle, I’ll be very shocked if you don’t have unbelievable energy.

Enjoy Your Healthy Journey!










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Fred Bisci, author, “Your Healthy Journey”, Head of the Spartan Race Nutritional/Lifestyle Advisory Board, has successfully worked with amateur, elite, professional and extreme athletes. He has been a tenacious athlete completing eighteen marathons, two ultra-marathons. He also has a history as a Navy boxing champ, has successfully competed in Olympic-style weightlifting, and still, leads an athletic life. Fred, born 1929, has lived on 100% raw plant foods for over 50 years and is a lifestyle/longevity coach, food scientist; detox/fasting expert and clinical nutritionist. He offers a natural, simple, common sense approach by showing people a well-grounded experience to the healing power, peak athletic performance and remedial capabilities of the human body.


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