FACTS: Caloric Restriction & Neighborhood Family & Friends

What my other Friend, Luigi, Valeria, and my Mom taught me about caloric restriction?      Fred Bisci

Another Caloric Restriction Journey:

I met a gentleman in my neighborhood named Luigi. We lived in a very hilly part of Staten Island and I used to see him walking through the neighborhood on a regular basis. One day I was out working in my front yard and he said “Buongiorno,” which is “good day” in Italian and we started a conversation.  I got the impression he was a little bit lonely because he kept coming back. He lived with his great-granddaughter and he’d go out walking early in the morning, and he would walk all day and talk to people until it got dark. Then he would go home and have something to eat, wait a while, and go to bed early. Luigi would talk about history and parts of Italy where he came from. Then, I started to wonder how old this man really was.  I said to him “Luigi, how old are you?”  He says “Cento quattro,” which in Italian is 104.

I was stunned and I dropped my rake on the lawn and just started talking to this guy.  I asked him what he ate and he proceeded to say in Italian that “Io non piacemangiare,” which means “I do not like to eat.”  He had this huge head of gray hair and he had all his teeth. I said, “Luigi, you got beautiful teeth.”  He says “Yeah.”  I asked him, did he brush his teeth?  He said no.  He said he cleaned his teeth with his fingers.

I asked, “What do you eat?”  He said “Verdura, salata,” which is salad – and also cooked vegetables, soup (zuppa), and “Un piccolo bicchiere di vino,” which is “a little glass of wine.”  I said “Luigi, how about meat?  Do you eat meat?”  He said “Io non piace carne.”  He did not like meat.  Sometimes he would eat beans, fagioli he’d call them.  He said he really wasn’t a pasta guy.  He liked chestnuts and he liked all other nuts.  That was it.  I asked him the big question. “Luigi, how many times a day do you eat?”  He said “Uno” which is “one.”  If anybody was on a calorically restricted lifestyle, it was my friend, Luigi.

I’ve seen other people like this.  My own mother lived to be 101.  I put her on a vegan lifestyle when she was in her 80’s.  She had a stroke at that time but she lived to be 101.  Her girlfriend Valeria Barbera lived to be 104.  She ate like a bird. I don’t think she weighed 100 pounds. I used to think she was starving when we were children because she hardly ate.  I said, “Mama, what’s wrong with Valeria?  She hardly ever eats.”  She said, “Don’t worry, Freddy, she knows what she’s doing.”  It turned out that was true.

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