Dr. Google is a Tool: The Decision is yours to Make!

How can we Change our Current Lifestyle to a Healthy One?


Fred’s Revised Book: Your Healthy Journey

Clean up your lifestyle and let your body detoxify!

Increase oxygen capacity!

Absorb efficient nourishment!

Achieve Better Performance & Recovery! 


“Your Healthy Journey: Becoming the Longevity Athlete”

The Birth of Artificial Intelligence
? Advancements in technology?
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?Been translated to a healthy lifestyle?

What is the easiest and best resource tool available to people? Of course it’s the internet but when is enough, enough? You will find all the information you desire on the internet for many advancements in technology, medicine and science. But has this been translated to a healthy lifestyle? Fred has observed that disease systemically throughout all age groups in our society and the world is on the rampage. Fred says that if you decide to payback your debt and face your current lifestyle and slow down the aging process, just maybe the pharmacological approach may not be your only choice. Let’s look at Your Healthy Journey!

FRED: “Of course you can go to dr. google on the internet. You know, there’s a lot of stuff on the internet that can jack you up.”

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An internet minute !
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Can jack you up!


FRED: “You know when you got a debt, there’s some place down the road where you got to pay it back. What we’re talking about is serious degenerative disease!”

FRED: “Every advancement in technology and medicine from my observation and I’m not knocking or criticizing anybody, is that people are just getting sicker. Okay you got more medical procedures and medications but is that the answer? Is pharmacological treatment for the symptoms the better way than getting at the cause?”


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People are just getting sicker: Why!
Z pharmacological treatment
Is there a better choice?
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Detox & cleanse








Fred’s Revised Book: Your Healthy Journey

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Fred Bisci, author, “Your Healthy Journey”, Head of the Spartan Race Nutritional/Lifestyle Athletic Board, has successfully worked with amateur, elite, professional and extreme athletes. He has been a tenacious athlete completing eighteen marathons, two ultra-marathons. He also has a history as a Navy boxing champ, has successfully competed in Olympic-style weightlifting, and still, leads an athletic life. Fred, born 1929, has lived on 100% raw plant foods for over 50 years and is a lifestyle/longevity coach, food scientist; detox/fasting expert and clinical nutritionist. He offers a natural, simple, common sense approach by showing people a well-grounded experience to the healing power, peak athletic performance and remedial capabilities of the human body.


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