Paleo/Ketogenic/Atkins diets: One in the Same!!

Regarding the ketogenic/paleo diet – This diet is exactly what is stated.  It’s a diet.  Diets never work!! Leaving Out The Process Foods in the Long Run Does!! 

In many respects ketogenic/paleo works in the same way as a high protein diet which never works in the long run. The same problems that existed with the Atkins diet or a high protein diet exist with a ketogenic diet. With the ketogenic diet you are forcing the human body out of a healthy biochemistry.  You are compelling the body to burn body fat as fuel instead of nourishing yourself with nutrient dense, energy efficient, low caloric carbohydrates fruits and vegetables which is the better way for health, performance and longevity.

Fruits and vegetables are needed to provide energy for all our vital functions in the most natural and efficient manner.  In nature our body only turns to fat as fuel in intentional or intermittent fasting, periods of food deprivation and illnesses. Fruits and vegetables are essential to provide vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phytonutrients in the required amounts that the ketogenic diet does not provide. A ketogenic diet would make it harder for the body to achieve the proper acid-alkaline balance which will cause wear and tear and degeneration down the road.

Other proponents of the ketogenic diet recommend that you eat less protein than the high protein/Atkins diet which makes it a high fat diet instead. Scientifically, this makes little difference because it leads to the same problems which are inflammation, deficiencies and degenerative conditions. Some experts are recommending a ketogenic diet for cancer patients.  For obvious reasons it would not work for the same reason that the high protein diet doesn’t work. This will cause Systemic Inflammation!!

Systemic Inflammation is determined by what you decide to do in your lifestyle which accumulates over time as a burden to the body. This is a major variable about how you express health or dysfunction, degeneration and illness.

Any diet that originated mainly for weight loss will fail.  We have to look to the body’s biological design.  We are designed beyond the shadow of a doubt to live optimally over a long period of time with vitality on a whole food plant based lifestyle.


Fred, you have been on Your Healthy Journey the whole food plant lifestyle for over 60 years, so how long have you been 100% Plant Raw and are you still active?



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Fred Bisci, author, “Your Healthy Journey”, Head of the Spartan Race Nutritional/Lifestyle Athletic Board, has successfully worked with amateur, elite, professional and extreme athletes. He has been a tenacious athlete completing eighteen marathons, two ultra-marathons. He also has a history as a Navy boxing champ, has successfully competed in Olympic-style weight lifting, and still leads an athletic life. Fred, born 1929, has lived on 100% raw plant foods for over 50 years and is a lifestyle/longevity coach, food scientist; detox/fasting expert and clinical nutritionist. He offers a natural, simple, common sense approach by showing people a well-grounded experience to the healing power, peak athletic performance and remedial capabilities of the human body.

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