Private Coaching

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Private Coaching

Whether you are a health conscious, physically fit or just starting on Your Healthy Journey, a one-on-one coaching with Fred Bisci can help you achieve your health objectives, pointing out the wear and tear on the human body while enhancing your longevity, athletic performance and quality of life.

During a personalized health coaching, the following information will be discussed:

  • Family health history to uncover how genes may play a role in your current health situation
  • Any current health concerns or chronic conditions
  • Physical history including any lab work-ups that are available
  • Diet/eating/drinking/lifestyle habits, emotional/physical/exercise strength, endurance, stamina, stresses and patterns

All initial appointments last 1 ½ hours long and can be performed in person or on the phone. During your coaching, you will be informed and trained about how to structure an individual lifestyle program. It doesn’t matter where you are in Your Healthy Journey as Fred meets you where you at, in that process. It is advised, but not mandatory, to take the Nutritional Healthy Lifestyle Assessment prior to the coaching.  A two day meal journal is requested in the survey, that includes what you eat and drink for breakfast, lunch and dinner and any food or snacks in between.

Fred has worked with many people while under medical care, so please indicate if you have been diagnosed by a medical doctor with any known conditions/diseases and are presently under a doctor’s care. During the coaching, Fred will recommend a course of action that will be designed to achieve your goals and desired results so you can make the best decision for you and your individual lifestyle. There will also be as an adjunct supplement recommendations.

Additionally, if follow-up sessions to track the progress of Your Healthy Journey are suggested after your initial coaching, Fred does offer ½ hour follow-up phone correspondence (fees apply) to those who want additional guidance to ensure that your concerns are addressed and that you are achieving your desired objectives. Fred does not participate with any health insurance programs.

The fee for a an initial private or phone coaching with Fred is $375.00. Fred conducts the private consultations only on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The coaching can be done by phone or in person. If you choose to do a phone session, there is an additional shipping charge of $20.00 for the Your Healthy Journey Workbook within the USA. If you have any questions, please contact us.