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BIOCEAN® HYPERTONIC is a mineral supplement from seawater with 90 minerals & trace elements in a highly bioavailable ionic state & is three times as concentrated as BIOCEAN Isotonic. 1 Liter

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Biocean Hypertonic 3X – Liquid Ionized Minerals – 1 Liter

BIOCEAN® HYPERTONIC is a unique natural ionic mineral supplement derived from seawater. Biocean® provides the body with more than 90 minerals and trace elements in a highly bioavailable ionic state. Biocean® Hypertonic is three times as concentrated in minerals and trace elements when compared to the BIOCEAN Isotonic concentration. The ingredients are natural microfiltered and sterilized seawater. The appearance is colorless, odorless and has a slightly salty tasty and the pH is 7.4-7.9.

Minerals and trace elements are essential to our very own survival. From building strong bones and teeth, to regulating the heart beat, to regulating the pH of our body fluids, to playing a role in hormone synthesis and to providing structure for cells so that they can replicate properly, minerals and trace elements are crucial to the maintenance of our health. Given the ionic nature of these minerals and their concentration, which is almost identical to that of our blood plasma, BIOCEAN® solutions can be assimilated quickly and completely; they help eliminate toxins and revitalize our body’s cells. The minerals and trace elements in Biocean® are the closest thing to those in our extracellular fluid, which explains why it is so effective!

Seawater is a substance high in nutrients, but just as high in bacteria. Processing seawater the wrong way would not only yield a product that is ineffective, but one that is potentially dangerous. Building upon more than 110 years of clinical use, BIOCEAN has developed a proprietary technique for extracting marine plasma and processing it in a manner that not only keeps its nutritional qualities intact,
but that also renders it free of any bacteria.

Biocean® is the only marine solution tested for endotoxins, organic contaminants, osmolarity and perfect physicochemical parameters, and it is tested three times for perfect purity and microbiological parameters. Biocean® far exceeds the pharmacopeial quality standards for finished natural health products.

BiOcean Hypertonic™ can restore the health of the organism by re-establishing biological equilibrium. They tend to revitalize the cells progressively by restoring the supply of all the minerals necessary to a fully-functionning metabolism.

Modern life, with its multitude of daily stressors and its less-than-ideal nutritional habits, tends to contribute to the accumulation of toxins in the body. Such a situation may alter the electrolytic balance of the body causing undue fatigue and may ultimately lead to disease. The nutritional vitality of BIOCEAN Hypertonic ™ formula will surely provide the balance.

This triple strength formula is used because of the inadequate bioavailable supply of minerals in the daily lifestyle. It can be for atheletes of all levels, for overexertion and exhaustion, convalescence and colonic irrigation.

It is recommended that BIOCEAN® Hypertonic be taken in the morning only and on an empty stomach, 20 minutes or more before meals. The recommended dosage of BIOCEAN® Hypertonic is 2 teaspoons to 2 tablespoons a day. However we suggest that people who are hypersensitive to everything to take the BIOCEAN® Isotonic only.

This active 3X liquid mineral supplement

* Gives you ENERGY.
* Best for people under 50 of age.
* Revitalize & remineralize body cells.
* Totally compatible with doctor’s prescription.
* Restore the electrolytic balance and biological equilibrium.

Chlorine ppm: 19,325 mg/l
Sodium ppm: 10,348 mg/l
Sulfates ppm: 2,365 mg/l
Magnesium ppm: 1,285 mg/l
Calcium ppm: 435 mg/l
Potassium ppm: 428 mg/l
Bicarbonates ppm: 122 mg/l
Phosphorus ppm: 0.51 mg/l

Trace Minerals:
Boron ppm: 6.48
Fluoride ppm: 1.53
Zinc ppm: 0.058
Iodine ppm: 0.030
Copper ppm: 0.00938
Iron ppm: 0.00220
Manganese ppm: 0.00190
Selenium ppm: 0.0009
Chromium ppm: < 0.0005
Cobalt ppm: < 0.00005

It should also be noted that BIOCEAN are totally compatible with most doctor’s prescription and over-the-counter drugs.

Caution: Not recommended for people with highblood pressure, heart or kidney problems or for people on a low sodium diet. Use as directed or under the supervision of your health professional. BIOCEAN Hypertonic™ liquid mineral supplement is not recommended in cases of high blood pressure, or cardiac or kidney problems, where BIOCEAN Isotonic ™ is the approved choice.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product in not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

* If you are pregnant, nursing or taking any medication or under medical supervision, consult your doctor.


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