Athletic Performance

Athletic Performance

Your Healthy Journey will take you to a greater and more efficient level of Athletic Performance. Through its guidelines, it addresses all aspects of endurance and resistance training, stretching and oxygen capacity. By incorporating hydration, nutrition and a dominant plant based lifestyle into a proper rest and recovery plan, you allow your body to perform at its optimal level.

One of the best ways to control the potential damage from Athletic Performance is by activating your own epigenetic gene code. This gene code, allowed to flourish with a healthy lifestyle, actually aids your body in the process of growing biologically “younger,” even as you age.

Here are some aspects associated with Your Healthy Journey:

  • Repair and Recover vitality to inflamed/stressed aging/athletic bodies
  • Rejuvenate and strengthen weak/straining muscles and joints
  • Restore endurance response to glucose/insulin for healthy blood sugar
  • Revitalize antioxidant/oxygen stamina for brain endurance and longevity
  • Renew an overwhelming sense of optimism and intention
  • Reverse the REAL cause of aging by penetrating and cleansing your heart,brain, bone, muscle, skin, lung, liver, immune cells for optimal performance

“The human condition is spiritual and vibrationally induced, electrically and chemically empowered, and biologically and genetically carried out.”

– Fred Bisci, PhD